How HR will Look in the Future.

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5 years Medium Term 

5-Key takeaways:


1. HRM will become more automated with time. Leverage HRMIS today to remain relevant and competitive.

2. Compliance (employment law and regulation) will continue to be a big issue with managing employees. Get a core team of advisors or advisory firm to back you up with your compliance issues, mitigating firstly, and acting promptly when they do occur.

3. Obtaining, growing and retaining talent will continue to pose a challenge. Skills building will tilt more towards soft skills than core technical skills in an organization’s development agenda. 

4. Workplace Conflict will remain a threat to growth. Prepare for it and find assistance in preventing and managing it!

5. Annual performance reviews will fade away slowly as organizations seek more frequent ways of evaluating performance and giving performance feedback to employees. Start thinking on shorter performance monitoring and evaluation methodology and intervention while leaning heavily on an automated performance development agenda.


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