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Human Resources Management Solutions and Advisory Services

Do you know the employee you are hiring? Are interviews enough to judge the genuineness of your new employee as well as the information s/he has presented on the CV? Experts believe that most employees over-hype information on their CV and some falsify same just to get the job. We will assist you to conduct employee due deligence to include police checks, birth verifications, past employment record, medical background etc.

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Corporate Training and Staff Capacity Building

The Labour Act, 2003 (Act 651) mandates that employers develop their human resources through training and retraining. CAS offers customized training programmes on workplace issues that sharpen employees’ knowledge and contribute to labour productivity and profits.

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Recruitment, Contract Labour and Employee Outsourcing Services

CAS has the capacity to manage up to 2,000 employees on an outcourcing or contract labour basis. Let us know your labour (manpower) needs and we shall provide competent staff who we shall totally manage and be responsible for. You off load non-core staff to us or request us to provide such staff and we take care of their payroll management, Discipline, Annual Sick and Maternity Leave administration, Provident and other Funds Administration Etc. We give you the whole nine yeards of employee management services.

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Workforce Management during Mergers & Acquisitions

The Human Resources Function is so central to business performance such that it is prudent to ensure its compliance with statutory and best practice regulations among Peers. We will ensure HR compliance with statutory Labour Laws and regulations through Contemporary HR audits or workplace investigations for enhanced HR decision making.

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Industrial Relations Solutions

CAS regards Industrial/Employee relations as the secret to improving employee motivation and productivity. Our firm seeks to provide cutting edge advisory services in the following:
· HR Policy and Conditions of Service drafting and review
· Labour Law and Human Resources Management advisory services
· Labour Crises Management
· Human Resources Coaching
· Union-Management Relationship Building

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Labour Crises Management and Disputes Resolution (ADR) Services

Unmanaged workplace conflict poses an imminent threat to productivity. The Labour Act, 2003 (Act 651), mandates that every organization include in their Contracts of Employment or Collective Agreements, provisions for the conclusive settlement of all differences that may arise in the course of the employment relationship. CAS is able to provide conflict management services (Negotiation Facilitation, Mediation and Arbitration) that speeds up labour disputes resolution enhance quality of work and productivity.

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