Its 2019 – Set Effective Human Resource Management Objectives

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Blog Post – 001-19

It is 2019. 

Set effective HR objectives to make the function more relevant to your organization and your personal career growth.  Set five types of HR objectives in 10 functional areas:

1. Contributory objectives – These HR objectives impact on, contribute to and directly feed into the larger organizational objectives

2. Operational Objectives – These HR objectives operationalize mgt policy, employee interventions and strategic HR solutions

3. HR Governance Objectives – Set objectives that ensure legal compliance, institutional innovation and  resolution of real, perceived or preempted disputes

4. HR Risk Objectives – These Objectives aim at the identification and mitigation of the possible risks associated with executing people management programs and interventions in the workplace, and 

5. HR Cost Management Objectives – Set HR Objectives that avoid profligacy and saves the organization money

To set objectives for any HR function, ask and answer these 5 questions:

6. What does the objective contribute to the larger organizational and business picture? 

7. Does the objective make it easier and simpler in driving the HRM agenda?   

8. Is the objective compliant with Labour law and regulation, does it introduce any new unique ideas or methodology from  lessons learnt in previous activities and tasks, and does it avoid duplication and conflict with previous or current activities and programs?

9. Does the objective pose any risks to the organization, stakeholders, supervisors or managers  and other employees? 

10. Is the objective cost effective to execute? Does it result in any financial savings for the organization?

Developing 5 objectives for at least 10 different functional areas of HR equals 50 objectives that will not only keep you busy for the whole year…but also provide broad HR applications and interventions that adequately cover the salient areas of HR practice in the protection and promotion of the business. 

Enjoy the year as you have a fruitful HRM career and practice in 2019.





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