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Profiling CAS, LLC

CAS LLC is an HR/Labour Consulting and Outsourcing Firm with specializations in HR Audits, Pre-Employment Background Checks and Investigations, Corporate Training and Alternative Disputes Resolution.  With a blend of Employment Relations Consultants, Employment Lawyers and Workplace Disputes Resolution Professionals, we offer unique services in all facets of workplace relationships between employers and their employees.

CAS is driven by its Corporate Core Values in GOOD FAITH, INTEGRITY, CLIENT FOCUS and CARE (the GICC Principles).  We approach our work with unrelenting professionalism and business ethics to remain an outstanding Workplace Services Provider in Sub-Saharan Africa.  We provide Human Resources outsourcing opportunities to corporate organizations who seek to focus on their core business.  For the Small and Medium Scale Enterprise (SMSE) who are unable to afford full time Human Resources Management personnel, we provide quality and Strategic Human Resources Retainership and Advisory Services at very reduced and affordable cost.

What Your Organization Stands to Gain

Our firm has the capacity to manage at least 2,000 outsourced employees across the country.  Our partnerships and networks within the West African Sub-Region give us an edge to handle assignments in other West African Countries.  The CAS team can assist your organization to set up your HR departments through policy development and implementation, ensure that you evaluate and enhance your overall human capital and organizational performance through custom designed Human Resource and Employment Relations Structures and programmes.  Your organization may also be assisted to manage employee grievance, discipline and termination processes through employee outsourcing and Investigative arrangements.

CAS has developed a Comprehensive Employment Governance Audit (EGA®) system to streamline HR policies and strategies in line with mandatory labour legislation as well as Good Practice in functional Human Resources processes.

And you stand to benefit from customized corporate training and staff capacity building programmes designed to bridge knowledge gaps that meet your unique organizational targets.  Choose CAS for Mediation and Arbitration Services that assure your organization of the peaceful environment for work and productivity.

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