Labour expert launches book, equips job seekers

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Labour expert and Human Resource (HR) consultant, Mr Senyo Adjabeng has lamented the avoidable mistakes many job seekers make in their efforts to land jobs in Ghana.

According to him, in spite of the existing unemployment crisis in Ghana, most job seekers fail to measure up to the available jobs due to their lack of knowledge about the jobs, relevant skills and competencies that go with those jobs.
To correct the mistakes many people make in their quest to land a job, Mr Adjabeng authored and launched a book dubbed ‘Career Toolkit for Successful Job Hunting last Saturday in Accra.
The book, in three parts deals first with job hunting and explores the need to strategize and plan the entire process of job search.
It also shares experiences and pointers on how to land a job and thoroughly discuses career networking and job interviews.
Mr Adjabeng’s Career Toolkit for Successful Job Hunting also focuses on employments contracts and points out that in attaining a job, some negotiation skills are needed to ensure a better deal and sustainable employment.
“Prospective employees need to put in great efforts to secure the right job as well as negotiate appropriate, fair and competitive remuneration and conditions of service,” he stated.
According to him, an insight into the types of contracts of employment and the content of such contracts is an essential part of securing a job.
Addressing guests who graced the launch of the book, the HR and labour expert said the book came about as a result of a passion to equip career seekers with critical and yet scarce information they will need on their journey to becoming better and more resourceful people.
He pointed out that the publication of the book also ties in with global and local decline in the availability of decent jobs for qualified persons seeking to be employed.
Founder and Managing Director of OML Africa, Mrs Anita Wiafe-Asinor extolled Mr Adjabeng for indentifying the needs of job seekers and providing them with the relevant tools to guide them land good jobs that would also build up their careers appropriately.
“This book comes as a handbook for job seekers in Ghana and even for those outside our shores who may want to secure jobs in Ghana,” she said.
Mrs Wiafe-Asinor who was the Chairperson for the event told Business Finder she was impressed largely by the fact that the book stood out clearly amongst other books because of its content which fits the Ghanaian space.
The first copy was purchased at GH¢7,600.

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